Installation Included


All prices include installation in the Auckland region, GST, and an Electrical Certificate of Compliance.  There may be some additional charges in some circumstances, so please read below before ordering.

Installation terms and conditions vary depending on whether you are purchasing a Hi-Wall Heat Pump, or a Ducted System.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Hi-Wall Heat / Split System Pump Installation

The price shown is for a 'standard back to back installation'.  

 - Ground floor exterior wall, back to back (the indoor unit and the outdoor units are on opposite sides of the same wall).

 - Up to 3 metres pipework between the two units, which in practice means they are on the same floor. Additional pipework will be charged at $50 per metre, so for a pipe run of 5m the first 3m will be included, and the following 2m will be chargeable;  2 x $50 = $100.

 - Up to 10 metres of electrical cabling to the electrical supply. We rarely exceed this figure, however a charge of $20 per metre will apply for every metre above 10m, so for an electrical cable run of 14m the first 10m will be included, and the following 4m will be chargeable:  4 x $20 = $80.

 - A level and hard surface is needed to place the outdoor unit on.  We can't place it on a slope, or on earth.  An additional charge of $50 will apply if we use a polyslab (on top of earth), or $150 if we fit a ground floor wall bracket, or $250 for a first floor wall bracket.  We can only fit brackets to concrete or strong wooden walls.  

 - A charge of $150 will apply if we need to drill a hole through concrete.  These holes are very time consuming to prepare unfortunately.

 - For a charge of $200 we can remove and dispose your old unit.

 - Other charges apply for more complicated pipework runs for example in and through a cupboard or wardrobe, up and through ceilings or under floors.  These installations take considerably more time and effort.


Ducted System Installation

Following a site visit or review of your plans, we will undertake a design and then we will issue you with a quotation for completing all installation work.  The scope of the work will be covered in the quote, and the quote may also outline various optional extras that are available.  These aren't included in the quote unless specifically noted and priced.

The price in the quotation will be the price you pay for the work, unless there are significant changes in scope (i.e. if you request other work, additional outlets, different diffusers etc).  If in doubt please ask us to outline the options before you accept the quote and pay the deposit.