Lounge Heat Pumps

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Your lounge, living room, rumpus or man/woman cave can be cooled to perfection by installing a suitably sized heat pump from one of our leading manufacturers.

The first step is to check out our size guide, to make sure you know what sized unit you need to get the job done.  Its better to have more power than less - otherwise your heat pump will be running at high speed to try to keep up.  Think of a mini towing a caravan up a hill.

Then browse our product range to decide what you like the look of;


1. Check out our size guide, to work out which size of heat pump is right for your room.

2. Decide what make/model you like best from the list above.

3. Order and pay - we'll be in touch regarding installation.

Or, if this is all too much - please call us on 09 575 1191, or send a message by clicking on request a quote.