Ducted Central Heating & Cooling Systems

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What better than having your entire house kept beautifully warm in winter, and cool in summer - all controllable through pushing just a few buttons.

Well that's what we help people do, by designing & installing a whole house ducted system that suits your needs.

There are many options for us to incorporate into the design for your home, and they include;

 - System options from Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic

 - WiFi control options

 - Zone control - choose which rooms receive airflow, and at what time of day

 - Temperature Control per room (optional)

 - Ventilation integration - incorporate fresh air into your ducted system

 - Floor, ceiling or perhaps wall mounted supply grills

 - Round, square, or rectangular styles - with multiple colour and style options


All our systems come fully designed, professionally installed, and carry up to 6 years manufacturers warranty.


The first step is generally an initial discussion, to understand your objectives and your musts.

We would then visit your property, take measurements of the spaces, and discuss zones, wifi and other system elements with you.

We would then create an initial design for your review, and an initial quotation.  Many times we actually create 2 or even 3 designs and quotations so that you can see what various systems could cost - allowing you to compare.


For larger homes with very high heating load requirements we often design in 2 seperate ducted systems, usually one for upstairs and another for downstairs.  Alternatively a ducted system upstairs, and a number of seperate hi-wall 'split' units downstairs is a very common set-up, offering a high amount of individual control and flexibility between different parts of the house.

Please email or phone us to discuss your home or business, and what you would like to achieve.

We design ducted system ona  daily basis and can advise on options, budgets, and use cases - we look forward to discussing your needs with you.