WiFi Control

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What a wonderful thing, to never come home to a hot house again!  WiFi control gives you the ability to control your heat pump, no matter where you are;  leaving work to come home, heading down to the bach, or turning off your heat pump while you are away fro a few days.

Wifi control is available on a number of heat pumps, and ducted systems, or included as standard already - check out Mitsubishi AP Series heat pumps.

Not all WiFi is created equal however - and we have showcased what we believe to be the best heat pump WiFi solution available today within this section.  Please review the pictures and videos below.


Here's a quick summary of WiFi availability for hi-wall heat pumps:

 - Mitsubishi AP & LN Series - included standard

 - Fujitsu KMTC Series - optional $200

 - Mitsubishi GL series - optional $200

 - Panasonic Aero ZKR - optional $200


And for ducted systems:

 - Mitsubishi Ducted Systems - optional $300 (can also be used with zone control)

 - Daikin Ducted Systems - optional $600 (can also be used with zone control)

 - Panasonic Ducted Systems - Optional $500

 - Fujitsu Ducted Systems - optional $600 (cannot be used with zone control)